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Guidelines for Allied Academies Publications

Detailed Formatting Instructions and Template - Word File (Right click the link, then choose "Save link as..")

General Instructions

We have updated our formatting guidelines and are now recommending that everyone use Microsoft Word 2007. We have designed the Detailed Formatting Instructions document to serve as a step by step guide for formatting your paper, and it will also serve as your Template.

The instructions illustrate how to make some minor changes in the setup of Microsoft Word 2007, and then walk you through the formatting changes that need to be made. Once you have formatted the paper, you will be copying and pasting your paper into the Instructions file (after deleting the instructions) and saving it as a new file.

If the formatting seems overwhelming, just contact us. We have an Editor under contract who will format your manuscript for you, and the fee is normally US $5.00 per page. In the case of extremely complex manuscripts, the fee might be higher, but we can look at your manuscript and quickly let you know what the cost might be in advance. Please email Trey Carland for more information.

There is a 5 page limit on proceedings files (extra page fees are $25 per page after that), and a 25 page limit on journal articles (extra page fees are $5 per page after that). This is based on single spaced papers that are formatted according to the formatting guidelines.

Direct Journal Submissions, Accelerated Journal Submissions, and Award Submissions do not need to be formatted according to the guidelines for consideration purposes. If accepted they will need to meet the above mentioned criteria. Information on submitting papers can be found on the Submission Instructions page.